1. Get ready to play a board game with your pals.


2. Accept the pot-smoking apparatus they hand you.


3. Be really casual about it because you used to smoke a ton in college so whatever, this is totally not a big deal for you at all.


4. Accidentally take a gigantic hit.


5. Cough a bunch.


6. Alright, that was fun! Now, begin game play as usual.


7. Wait.


8. Realize that this is going much more slowly than usual.


9. Suddenly completely abandon the game in favor of an in-depth discussion of a subject you know nothing about, like the difference between contract and tort law.


10. An hour passes. Right, whose turn is it?


11. Discuss whose turn it is for another hour. "It's definitely Steve's turn because Jess just went because I remember that she was rolling the dice like people do when they smell wine and they like, make the wine go in a circle. To smell the wine."


12. Restart game play, but this time, have completely forgotten the rules of the game.


13. Don't panic. You'll remember the rules by the time it's your turn.


14. Nope.


15. It's okay. Don't say anything about it. Just act like you know what's going on and muscle memory will take over. You don't want anyone to know what a low weed tolerance you have.


16. Is there such a thing as weed tolerance?


17. Sure.


18. But they must also all be really high, because no one is yelling at you.


19. UNLESS they're all laughing at you right now?


20. Oh, no, they're laughing at Underworld: Evolution on the TV. Ha ha, it's so bad.


21. What's happening?


22. Oh right, the game.


23. Yell out "YAHTZEE!" as a joke.


24. Realize you never actually yelled it out, you just thought about doing it.


25. You could yell it now.


26. Ehhhh, seems hard. And the moment's passed.


23. Whose turn is it?