Some of the most iconic lines from your favorite films are actually misquoted constantly. In light of the latest popular reminder of this fact, here are 17 popular quotes that you've been saying wrong this whole time -- and the surprising, actual movie quotes:

Ill tell him about a deal, hell like so much, hell definitely say yes The Godfather

This boats way too small, you guys Jaws

Ill have whatever food made her cum so hard When Harry Met Sally

Hasta la vista, you robot Terminator 2

Ill be back How Stella Got Her Groove Back

You had me at show me the money Jerry Maguire

Play that song again, Steve Casablanca

Luke whos your daddy The Empire Strikes Back


Say hello to my machine gun Scarface

I smell dead people Sixth Sense

Greed, for lack of a better word or is it the right word I think greed works actually Yeah thats good Wall Street

James James Bond James Bond