Side Eyeing Chloe

What started as an uninspired sequel to 2011's Lily's Disneyland Surprise turned into so much more. While Lily is once again overwhelmed by the news of going to see Mickey -- crying tears of joy -- little sister Chloe is not so easily impressed. She steals the show, side eyeing her way to internet stardom.

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Norway's answer to The Lonely Island took over the world with their song "What Does the Fox Say?" in September. They proved to be much more than one hit wonders with their followup (a tribute to Massachusetts) as well as deft pranksters, trapping confused shoppers inside an IKEA showroom. "Fox" was parodied on SNL, and well as chosen for the Halloween House Light Show song.

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Bound 3

Perhaps the best reaction to Kanye West's eyebrow-raising video for 'Bound 2' was to just recreate the whole thing, shot-for-shot. Seth Rogen and James Franco celebrated their love in this heavily green-screened production.

WATCH: Bound 3 (or, Side-by-Side with Bound 2)

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Rob Ford

Toronto's mayor went 2011 Charlie Sheen on us, admitting to smoking crack, talking with reporters about eating pussy (just skip the question, bro), and getting his freakouts remixed to Jay-Z's "Tom Ford," all on the way to becoming Canada's greatest ambassador to the pop culture world. Reminder he is an elected official.

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The release of Grand Theft Auto V broke a ton of records, and it also was a boon for parodies and tributes. The following includes: our "So Realistic It's Boring" original, a GTA edition of "Dumb Ways to Die," a musical tribute, gameplay demonstrations (like what a bonifide 5-star police chase looks like), and more:

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Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus (t)worked her way into our hearts this year, first with her summer jam "We Can't Stop" and then with her performance at the VMAs, but her most parodied work was the video for "Wrecking Ball," which was released in September. With a hook and title like that, the video practically shoots itself. Iconic.

WATCH: The 14 Best Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parodies on the Internet
(including the Death Metal Version, Chatroulette Version, "G-Major" Version (it's weird), Our "Construction Workers React" Original, Nicolas Cage Version, and more)




Nothing Was the Same

Drake's third studio album has been proven a commercial and critical success, but the cover for Nothing Was the Same -- an airbrushed / street painting style side profile, leaked weeks before the release -- was perplexing enough to be ripe for photoshoped parodies.

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Whether you want to call it Doge or Super Shibe, the shiba inu emgerged in the summer as officially the internet's favorite animal. Just... check it out. (Wow. Amaze.)

GALLERY: Best of Super Shibe Meme (34 Pictures)




Blurred Lines

The song of Summer 2013 came seemingly out of nowhere, but it had two things going for it: 1. it's incredibly catchy right from the start, and 2. the lyrics and video are SO MISOGYNISTIC (cue internet thinkpiece). Simple videos of Bill Cosby or the Muppets dancing to it became popular, as well as defter videos like the gender-swapped version or the NSA version.

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Vine managed a feat with video what Twitter did with text: creating an entirely new platform for creative and artistic expression. By placing a length restriction at six seconds -- and making them loop (piggybacking on the popularity of GIFs) -- they managed to sell the idea of low-investment entertainment with the challenge of making your point as succinctly as possible.

YouTube channels and Facebook pages have been dedicated to curating the best vines, stitching them into video compilations as well. They've been creating new stars and inspiring new memes along the way:

MEME: Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal

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TAG: Qollegehumor Quickies We've been collecting short videos under this tag throughout the years. 




Arrested Development

The return of TV's most under-appreciated (and over-appreciated) show to Netflix was cause for massive celebration... and frantic re-familiarization. Since it was off the air for seven years (and with the whole fourth season being released at once) we made it a point to catch up on all the jokes we might have forgotten along the way. Memorial Day weekend was spent indoors by many.

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Selfie might be Oxford's word of the year in 2013 but Twerk comes close. Those confident enough to (aggressively) shake that booty - in front of the camera, no less - are applauded by all from the safety of our computer screens. It's glimmer is already losing a little steam, so let's feast on a couple twerking videos before the year's end:

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WATCH: Twerking Intervention (a VH1 Skit)




How Animals Eat Their Food // How to Speak German

These two (unrelated) simple-premised video series inspired many copycats to release their own spinoffs, making them the 2013 version of Shit Girls Say. However, the originals remain the best of the lot.

WATCH: How Animals Eat Their Food (4 Videos)

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Macklemore 'Thrift Shop' Parodies

In a banner year for Seattle-based rapper Macklemore, 'Thrift Shop' remains his most iconic hit to date. The following includes: the MS Paint lyrics-taken-literally edition, our "Music Videos Without Music" original, our "Gift Shop" parody, and a "Game Shop" parody.

WATCH: 4 Macklemore 'Thrift Shop' Parodies

GALLERY: Macklemore and Roger Klotz: The Same Person




Hadoukening, Darth Vadering

Action photo memes spread wildly this spring, mostly because they were so easy to shoot -- all you need is a camera and jumping skills. It first started with Hadoukening (pictured above), then Darth Vadering, and more. We created one of our own as well: Mary Poppinsing

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Taylor Swift 'Trouble' Remixes

In February everyone started remixing the dubstep-infused chorus of Taylor Swift's single "I Knew You Were Trouble." In place of Swift's "ooh"s are various cuts of internet animals and viral hits. These included: goats, a vacuum cleaner, grape lady, best cry ever guy, even a motion activated towel dispenser. It was amazing.

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For a brief moment? Goats were HOT. Hotter than cats, if you can imagine. Inspiring all this was a video montage of goats yelling like humans, which eventually paved the way for slew of musical remixes in which pop songs' vocals were replaced with goats.

ARTICLE: Internet Microtrend: Goats




Harlem Shake

It seems like so long ago -- maybe because you wish it to be -- but Harlem Shake videos infected all corners of the internet and beyond. The (precisely) 30 second instant parties brought trap music into the forefront, as well as a debate about the appropriation of the name Harlem into song. Turns out plain ol' crazy dancing isn't the Harlem Shake after all, but admit it it was pretty fun to watch (and take part in. you know you did).

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