undefinedIt's a trend to video tape babies reacting to their first citrus fruit, usually by making outrageous faces. It's not cute, it's abusive. They don't like it. Look at the face they're making. Why would you keep giving them lemons?



undefinedYeah, it's a little cute. But watching it on YouYube is not cute. It's frustrating, because you know you'll never get to have a puppy party.



undefined "Oh, our baby is so cool, she doesn't like Miley Cyrus and all that crap. She's into the classics, and will grow up to be so amazing." No, she's just shaking her body because she's a baby. That's what they do. She doesn't know what classic rock is.



undefinedYou only think it's cute until you realize how much time was put in to making these. That's some crazy amount of time. It's borderline insane.



undefinedIt's not cute to see your canine pet and your human pet playing with each other. They don't really have a bond, they're just hitting each other because they're soft and they both won't remember it in five minutes.



undefined It doesn't look cute, it just makes you look like an insane bunny hunter that wears his prey on his feet.



undefinedA popular internet activity is to find faces on everyday inanimate objects, to make them look human. It's not cute. It's scary. Everything is looking at you all the time, wherever you go.



undefinedDon't upload pictures of your baby in the bath, with a head full of shampoo. It's not cute, it's just posting naked pictures of your offspring on the internet.



undefinedTrying to decorate your child's food to look like a tiny bear sleeping on a pillow of rice might seem like a cute idea. But it's a lot less cute when your kid decapitates the bear's head and eats it.



undefinedStop dressing your babies in outfits they're too young to understand. When you dress your baby like Walter White from Breaking Bad, you're actually dressing him as a criminal, murderous drug-lord with cancer.



undefined Big deal, your baby is sleeping. That's what all babies do most of the time.



undefined I hate your baby! Stop making me look at it. It's not cute! It just looks like tinier version of you, and when I look at it I can see how it's going to grow up to be more and more like you, and you're ugly and annoying.