20. Statler and Waldorf Comment on Lindsay Lohan's Entire Life


19. A Jolly Tune for a Spinning Seal


18. Basketball Fan Rocks Out


17. Rainy Day for a Pensive Mood


16. Obama Dances


15. Amazing Skiing Ostrich Skis to Hawaii Five-O


14. The World's Most Passionate Performance of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"


13. Sweet Dreams are made of That 70s Show


12. "When my friends let me pick the music at a party"


11. A cat joins the Night's Watch


10. Sloth is a real creep to a cat


9. Slinky has Saturday night fever


8. Natalie Portman's Terrifying Laugh


7. Gandalf Really into Saxophone


6. Sexy Bacon


5. "Browsing Pirate Bay"


4. Paradise


3. Riddly-diddly-diddly-diddly


2. Squidward's Depressing Life


1. Bane's Party in the USA



coubs made from gifs and audio from http://gifsound.com