Ghostbusters is one of the best movies of all time, and I've probably seen that and Ghostbusters 2 a combined 100 or so times over the course of my life. Because this is the internet and we have nothing else to do, let's take a minute to discuss 12 super-nitpicky Ghostbusters moments that always kinda bothered me:

1. Peck Is Completely Justified The Whole Time

  12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me

EPA official Walter Peck is a picture-perfect "Naysaying Movie A-Hole" (actor William Atherton even went on to play the 'Naysaying A-Hole' in Die Hard), and he richly deserves the numerous quotable pot-shots he walks into ("Yes it's true...this man has no dick"), but as happy as Childhood-Me was to see Peck finally get thrown out of the mayor's office, it doesn't change the fact that Peck is completely right in his skepticism of the Ghostbusters.

In real life, if physical apparitions suddenly started appearing by the dozens, let alone exactly at the same time as a group of three disgraced scientists getting rich and famous off of catching those ghosts and 'storing' them in a mysterious, unexplained fashion, everyone in the world would be skeptical too (and in real life would all be proven super-correct.)

He may have no dick, but he does have a pretty sound argument.

2. The Hellhound Doesn't Say "ZUUL"


12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me  

It's a very minor point (as opposed to the many other major, important points in this GIF-filled post about a 30-year-old comedy), but I was always amused that Dana somehow clearly hears the name "Zuul" when she opens her fridge, despite the fact that she's confused and terrified and the dog definitely doesn't actually say Zuul (it's more of a one-second "Zoooo..." noise that fades and trails off).

I'm sure they would've figured out the name anyway, by...actually, how did people figure stuff out in the pre-Google era? Flipping through the library card catalog to find the right crystals to hold up to the sun at twilight and have a refracted light magically point out where the 'Z' Encyclopedia was buried under the sea? Something like that.

3. Dana's Apartment Is WAY Too Expensive For A Professional Musician

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me


This detail only entered the "Bothers Me" canon since I've lived in New York, but even by "people in movies/tv always have impossibly nice apartments" standards, Dana's apartment is WAY too expensive for a professional cellist. It's a CORNER PENTHOUSE ON CENTRAL PARK WEST WITH A VIEW OF THE PARK, making it literally one of the most expensive apartments in the entire country, and according to this article, New York Philharmonic musicians made about $91,000 annually in 2012, putting them out of the price range by at least eight figures.

Basically, barring some "Wealthy Great Aunt Died" scenario, Dana living in a Central Park West penthouse is far less plausible than, say, the lady's fur coat coming back to life because of slime in Ghostbusters 2.

4. What The Hell Is This 'Indifferent Rich People' Restaurant With No Entrance?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me


I can't be the only former-child who used to be extremely disturbed / bewildered by the scene where Louis desperately tries to escape the hellhound chasing him by hiding in a restaurant, but it turns out to be this weird restaurant with no doors full of indifferent rich people who somehow don't notice or care about the red-eyed demon-dog mauling/possessing him as he screams (even though we know the people at the party and the doorman saw the dog, so it's not just in Louis' mind.)

I hold this scene solely responsible for the perception of New Yorkers as selfish, uncompassionate jerks who never help strangers. Fortunately this perception was completely reversed by the wonderful extras in the first Spider-Man movie who throw cans at the Green Goblin, and this opinion remains universally prevalent to this day.

5. Does Dana Change Into A Sexy Red Gown While Possessed?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me


Again, this is super-minor, but it really amuses me -- Dana comes home in sweatpants, then gets possessed by a dog and in the next scene she's suddenly wearing a sexy ruby-red off-the-shoulder dress. Did she literally change into a sexier outfit while possessed? Or did part of the possession entail the magical sexification of her clothing? Picturing either cut-scene -- Possessed Dana thumbing through her 'going out' clothes or seeing her sweats demonically transforming into a "Sexy Cellist" Halloween Costume -- is just another fun amusing tidbit in a movie that's full of many (mostly intentional).

6. Why Are Cheering Bystanders Crowding Around The INTRADIMENSIONAL DEATH PORTAL?

12 Parts In The Ghostbusters Movies That Still Bother Me


Look, I get that the Ghostbusters have become celebrities by the end of the movie, and New York is full of stupid people who jump at any opportunity to cram into a crowded area, however dangerous (See: New Year's Rockin' Eve). But why would these people want to be anywhere near the INTRADIMENSIONAL DEATH PORTAL that's bringing an androgynous God of Destruction to their reality to destroy them? And why is the National Guard letting them get within feet of the building where the battle for society as we know it is being waged?

"Yeah, the ground keeps swallowing police cars and giant chunks of the building are falling into the crowd and crushing things, but we DO get to kind-of see some lightey stuff 80 stories above us! This is almost as much fun as cramming into Times Square at 5 am New Year's Eve morning and peeing in bottles for 20 hours to see Taylor Hicks and part of Matchbox 20 perform under a Bridgestone ad!"

And now, onto the slightly-more-evident bother-moments in Ghostbusters 2: