1. Bronco Stadium, Boise State University

The field was accidentally painted blue after the construction crew mistook the blueprint to be literal.


Surprising Secrets of the Greatest College Football Stadiums



2. Camp Randall Stadium, University of Wisconsin

Despite being in a state known for cheese, the stadium's nacho cheese has been flown in weekly from Switzerland since 1946 by order of the then Dean, Roger Federer.



3.  Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama

The storied stadium will be renamed Capt. Frank Ramsey Stadium in 2017, in honor of Gene Hackman's role in Crimson Tide.

Surprising Secrets of the Greatest College Football Stadiums



4. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, University of Southern California

Much like the Roman Coliseum, at halftime players battle to the death for the entertainment of USC's President.


5.  Memorial Stadium, Clemson University

The team touches Howard's Rock before running into the stadium, a tradition since the rock was given to the Clemson coach from the set of Howard the Duck.


6. Michigan Stadium, University of Michigan

The stadium was originally built by the US government to house criminals to alleviate pressure on their over-capacity correctional facilities, earning it the nickname "The Big House". But after several prison riots, they decided to use it solely for a much less violent purpose, football.



7. The Rose Bowl, University of California at Los Angeles

J.K. Rowling based the entire Harry Potter series on a 38-0 UCLA loss to Michigan she witnessed here.



8. Notre Dame Stadium, University of Notre Dame

In recent years, due to Sean Astin's busy schedule, the team has resorted to bringing in Keshia Knight Pulliam for pre-game motivational speeches.  This has led to a lot more wins.


Surprising Secrets of the Greatest College Football Stadiums    


9. Memorial Stadium, University of Illinois

A retired Gene Hackman walks the stadium's halls and underbellies of his alma mater.  Yea, apparently this is what he does with his retirement.  We don't know why he retired either. It's crazy, remember how good he was in The Royal Tenenbaums and Enemy of the State?!  I mean, Alabama is naming their stadium after one of his performances, for crying out loud.


10. Tiger Stadium, Louisiana State University

Spoiler Alert: Aptly nicknamed "Death Valley", Vince Gilligan picked this as the place for the final action packed scene of Breaking Bad; complete with a Walt and Jesse showdown, Walt Jr. eating breakfast at the 50-yard line, and hopefully a guest spot from Gene Hackman as a DEA agent who only speaks in lines from The Birdcage.

Surprising Secrets of the Greatest College Football Stadiums


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