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RightClick But Im LeftHanded


I was in a powerpoint presentation for job training and the lady giving the presentation kept right clicking on each slide and hitting the "next slide" tab as it popped up. I tried to explain to her that she could left click or use an arrow key, but she just looked at me with a blank expression and said "right click? there's a difference?...but I'm left handed" - Anonymous

A majority of parents are useless when it comes to "computer machine". My mum downloads movies, orders things online, repairs the HDD. I can't really relay with the rest of the post. Except my step-dad tried connecting to internet by cable when the only wires leave the desktop is power and monitor wires. - Anonymous

I have a professor that despises the amount of time it takes her to update her online gradebook that she is "supposed to be using by now" funny thing is, she still keeps a hand-written version because she thinks it's easier to do the calculations and she makes her online invisible to students so they can't see their own grades anyways. I would tell her she's just wasting her time, but I already have an A. - Anonymous

In 2007, I remember my family was visiting my grandmother and we decided it would be fun to take her to a movie. When asked what looked interesting to her, she told us she had read about "Wacko-Sacko... you know, the one about the fat man who wants to get medicine changed?" We figured out that she meant "Sicko" the Michael Moore documentary about the American health care system. - Anonymous

My manager at work doesn't know how to turn a TV on. She has her husband turn it on for her and just clicks through channels until she finds something she likes... - Anonymous

My grandma found a website she thought I would find interesting, but instead of emailing it to me, she printed out the entire site (15+ pages) and mailed it to me. - Anonymous

When my advisor was helping me pick my schedule for next semester she wanted me to log on to the school website. So she logged off, closed the window, and then re-opened the webpage. This confused me, but I thought it was an accident and said nothing. After I finished, she logged me off, closed the window, and re-opened the page again. When I asked why she did this, she said "It's safer to do it this way." Um no it's not. - Anonymous 

My father finally decided not long ago that he wanted to make an account on Ebay. Of course, this also required signing him up for his first email account. Once he had his email account he assumed the same username and password would automatically work on Ebay. I explained that he could still use the same name and password, but that he still had to sign up. It turned out that his username was already taken. He was devastated, and it took me almost half an hour to explain to him how the internet is not all run by the same person or company, and just because you have a username at one place does not automatically make it your username for the whole internet. - Anonymous

I told my parents that I wanted a Kindle. They asked me if they could buy one at the Apple Store. - Anonymous 

A few years ago when my dad first got unlimited texting on his cell phone plan I taught him how to text, ever since whenever he sends out a text, he sends it to his entire contact list. - Anonymous 

My parents just had an argument about the name of the main character of The Matrix. You know Keanu Reeves. It was the battle of Neal vs Neo - Anonymous 

My mom bought me a Kinect from the mall but I own a PS3 and then when she tried to connect it up to my PS3 she broke it. Guess what I can not get for Christmas now? - Anonymous