How To Pick The Perfect Fantasy Football Team Name

Can't decide on a name for your Fantasy Football team this year with the season rapidly approaching? No worries! Just choose words at random from one of the following six categories and make your avatar a puppy with a tiny football and you're good to go!


Choose from one or more of these following Classic Fantasy Team Name Categories:



1. NFL Player's Name Mixed With TV Show Everyone Likes:


? Roddy Walter White

? James Starks of Winterfell

? Riley Cooper Draper Pryce

? Lynn Swann-son's Pyramid Of Greatness

? The Walking D'Ed Reed

? Gus-tavo Fring-rerrote? (Definitely use this)



2. 'Topical' Reference That'll Be Dated Before The League Even Starts:


? Bat-Affleck

? Bradley Manning (mixed w/ Peyton or Eli)


? Paula Deen (-angelo Williams?)

? San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Penis Joke

? Anthony Weiner Penis Joke

? Brett Favre Penis Joke

? Abraham Lincoln Penis Joke

? [Borat Voice]

? "Where's The Beef" Lady

? War of 1812

? The Big Bang

? The Big Bang Penis Joke


3. Predictable Inappropriate Joke About NFL Controversy (Past Or Present):


? Aaron Hernandez Murder

? Riley Cooper Racial Slur

? Michael Vick Dogfighting

? Ben Roethlisberger Assault

? Ray Lewis Murder

? Marvin Harrison Murder

? Rae Carruth Murder

? Lindbergh Baby Murder

? Just Something Really Hilarious About Massive Head Injuries And Shortened Lifespans


4. Broad Reference To Your Hometown Team:


? Green Bay = "Cheese"

? Pittsburgh = "Steel"

? Seattle = "12th Man"

? Denver = "Rocky Mountain High"

? Cleveland = "Sucking"

? Jets = "Sucking"

? Oakland = "Sucking"

? Buffalo = "Sucking"

? Jacksonville = "Still Having A Team Somehow"




? Tebow

? Tebowing

? Anything Religious + Tebow



(NOTE: Adding a Tebow joke to your team name is the PERFECT way to make yours stand out!)


6. Evergreen Jokes:


? Ed Hochuli's Biceps

? Andy Reid's Fatness

? Brett Favre's Penis

? Antonio Cromartie's Kids

? He Hate Me

? Air Bud: Golden Receiver

? Making Fun Of Other Friend In Your League

? Making Fun Of Other Friend In Your League Whose Team Name Is Making Fun Of You

? Weird Inside Joke Nobody In Your League Gets? Making Fun Of Other Friend In Your League Whose Team Name Is An Inside Joke Nobody In Your League Gets

? Tony Romo

For Example: Roddy Walter White Bob Filner's Penis Also Jets Suck Tebow Tony Romo #TEBOWNADO (All Spoken in the Borat voice).


And that's all there is to it!


Also, you have a 12 Character Limit. Figure that out for yourself. Enjoy!