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Ladies, If Youre Going to Spit, Dont Do It In a Moving Car


When my ex and I were together, we had this tendency to always end up participating in a little road head on the many drives we always had to take across the state to see each other. One day, we had only been on the interstate for a good 20 minutes by the time I decided it would be a brilliant idea to simply spit out the window and save myself the clean-up. 5 minutes later we had to pull into a gas station for shampoo and something to wash the car off with, because it turns out that not only will some fly back in and get all over your hair, but it will also plaster the side of the car. Turns out manjuice is very difficult to get off of cars, and the fine citizens of some podunk town in the midwest will not appreciate seeing your boyfriend's love for you prominently displayed across the exterior of a vehicle. - Anonymous

My girlfriend and I in high school used to get a little crazy in her parents basement. To cover up the noise, we watched Toy Story at full volume. Well, it turns out my new girlfriends kid loves the same movie. And Missy, if you've ever wondered why we have sex after watching a kids movie. It's because I'm thinking of all the crazy shit my last girlfriend and I got into. - Anonymous

My boyfriend came over to hang out. We were taking turns picking out youtube videos to watch since my brother was playing video games in the room with us. When it was his turn he picked a 25 minute, 1/4 part video about StarCraft. I don't care for StarCraft, but he wanted to watch it. 5 minutes through he fell asleep. I watched the whole thing, only to have him wake up and say "Oh, I already watched that yesterday." - Anonymous

Another couple joined my girlfriend and I for dinner one night. Because she had a reaction to synthetic hormones in oral contraceptives, we discussed alternatives. Since we were talking about other solutions besides condoms, our friends suggested IUD (Intra-uterine-device). My girlfriend stated a curiosity on how it works and it was explained to us that part of it is made of copper and that somehow it has an effect on preventing a fertilized egg from implantation. Expressing more curiosity she says "That's so weird, I wonder how they discovered that copper of all things would work." Without thinking I immediately blurted out "And what are coat hangers made from again?" Needless to say, it was a while before I had to be curious on what form of birth control we were going to use. It would be a couple of weeks before the subject was brought up again. - Anonymous

One day while hanging out with my boyfriend, he started to play with my belly-button. I didn't think too much about it, as he has done it before, and likes to do it because he knows it will annoy me. The problem occurred when I look down to see that he has filled my belly-button up with his saliva. I immediately start yelling at him to "GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT!!", referring to the spit. He finally does, and after much laughter, we walk out of his room and find out that his roommate was there and heard the whole thing. His roommate was convinced that he was raping me, which made it even funnier. Explaining the true story to him, and most of our friends, has turned out to be pretty funny. - Anonymous

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months (not something either of us expected I think but oh well). For all of month 4, however, I was out of the country, in Amsterdam. No I didn't cheat on him or anything like that. I bought him a pair of black boxer briefs that have a suit front on them. Now whenever he comes to spend the night he wears his "fancy man-panties". I knew there was a reason we were dating. - Anonymous

My girlfriend of (almost) 2 years broke up with me the day before our anniversary, because apparently she wasn't happy in the relationship anymore. 2 weeks later i find out she had been seeing her ex for the last 3 months, and they booked a hotel to fuck on the day that would have been our anniversary. I looked after and cared for her for over 2 years, that guy threatened to beat her for not letting him attack her annoying friends. In the words of Dave Chappelle "Chivalry is dead, and women killed it!" - Anonymous

me and my now ex girlfriend were going out for a month or 2, she broke up with me the day she had to leave for college, after a week of being sad, there is a knock on my door, and there she was wanting me back, she quit college before the week was even over.... yes, she failed out of community college. - Anonymous

My ex-girlfriend who i was only dating for a few days at this time went down on me one night at her house. After about 30 minutes i told her she could stop(im not selfish). After i left and went home i ended up with the worst case of blueballs in my life....i almost cried it hurt so much. Guys, always let your girl finish you off. - Anonymous