1. A Snail Inhaling a Worm With Its Butt Vacuum Mouth

Source: Reddit


2. Parasitic Worm Just Hanging Out in Toad's Eye

Source: gifbin


3. Botfly Making a Home in Someone's Fucking Head

Source: 4gifs


4. Surinam Toad Giving Birth to Babies Through Holes on Its Back

Source: imgur


5. Two Slugs Totally Doing It

Source: tumblr


6. A Worm Squirming to Say Hello in a Freaking Eyeball

Source: badassdigest


7. Praying Mantis Eating a Fish Like it's Not a Big Deal

Source: FunnyJunk


8. Bear Grylls Eating an Enormous Larvae Like It's No Big Deal

Source: beargryllsfansite


9. A Mother Wolf Spider Carrying All 5,000 of Her Babies on Her Butt

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10. Pearl Fish Chillin' Inside a Sea Cucumber's Anus

Source: wtfp


11. A Bunch of Starfish and Eels Having a Giant Orgy

Source: izismile


12. An Orangutang Enjoying a Nice Mouthful of It's Own Piss

Source: gifsoup


13. A Spider Deciding to Strip Off Its First Layer of Nightmare Skin

Source: arachnoboards


14. A Dog Getting Too Excited About Sex

Source: forum.bodybuilding


15. A Cockroach Giving Birth to a Billion Tiny Demons

Source: cheezburger


16. A Shark Taking a Big Ol' "Fuck You" Poop

Source: 4gifs


17. A Male Seahorse Birthing Out More of Itself

Source: tumblr


18. Wasp Larvae Eating Their Way Out of a Caterpillar Like They Think It's Normal or Something

Source: imgur


19. A Spider That Just Decided to Kill a Snake and Drag it Around For Fun

Source: pandawhale


20. A Parasitic Worm Coming Out of a Dead Spider Like It's Its Fucking Birthday

Source: YouTube