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Mom Looks Like Don Knotts

My mom and I were in the living room watching tv and having on and off conversations about different random things. I don't know why, maybe something on tv reminded me of Don Knotts, because I wondered if he was still alive and asked my mom. She was suddenly very offended because she was convinced that I was trying to insult her by indirectly saying she looked like Don Knotts (she doesn't at all.) She still hasn't forgiven me (and Don Knotts is dead, by the way.)- Anonymous

My mom asked me to help her put a few pictures on facebook. We uploaded 4. Then she asked…WAIT?! Now everyone can SEE them?! I don't think I want everyone to see them. I told her it was just her friends, but she didn't like the idea of all 60 being able to see the 4 pictures. I suggested we change her settings so only she could see them…She asked, well, then, whats the point? We deleted the photos.- Stephanie M.

Just today my mom pulled me out of school to save a file in her email. She insists that I do it so that she doesn't get a virus.- Anonymous

I asked what my dad wanted for Christmas. He said he wanted and AM, FM Walkman. He bought me and ipod last Christmas. He was serious.- Vito C.

My mom was giving me the url of a website she wanted me to check out, that she heard about on the radio. She said "the website is (two words).org"…there's no space in there". This is about the 30th time I've had explain to her that no website url has spaces in it.- Anonymous

When DVD's first came out my mom yelled at me to rewind the DVD's before they went back to the movie store.- Taylor H.

My step-mom got a laptop for the first time in her life and when we went on vacation I told her not to bring hers because I was going to bring mine for everyone to use. She then asked, "Well that's silly, how can I check MY email on YOUR computer?" She uses Yahoo mail.- James H.

My Grandmama (yes I call her that by choice) asked me how to copy and paste one day, i showed her in all 4 simple steps to it, and all she could say was that it was clear as mud and way too complicated and that clearly no one ever really uses that function, wow- Benjamin W.