1. Superhero with new powers punches guy then stares in amazement at their own strength

"THAT'S ENOUGH, Mr. Bully! Now I'm gonna punch you, even though as we all know, it will just be a wimpy normal punch because I'm a wimpy normal human. Ready?? Here comes the normal punch!" [WHACK! THUD]

"Whoaaa...what just happened??? Better look at my haaanddddsss..."


2. Person turns down a better job at the end of the movie to stay at crappy job

"Congratulations, cop who I've antagonized non-stop all movie even though you were clearly right the whole time. How would you like to come join us on the FBI, because I can make that job offer right here in front of the villain's exploded wreckage?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I got 'cop' in my blood and I always will." [Hands back badge that just says "FBI" on it real big]


3. A-Hole government officials ignore all advice from obviously-correct protagonists

"I'm TELLING you, the world is going to end THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!"

"GET THIS CRAZY SCIENCE MAN OUT OF HERE so I can get back to reassuring everyone in this giant control room with the huge blue radar-map that everything's gonna be fine and no iconic monuments are about to get CGI-tastically destroyed."


4. Character you trusted turns out to be EVIL, turns a gun on the hero

"I'll be taking those jewels now" [Click]

"But...Ivanna...I thought you were good? Also you're a sexy lady. Sexy ladies can't be evil, can they?? You are defying my expectations in numerous ways."


5. Teacher frantically yells an assignment after the bell

"Welcome to History Class. Now, what is 'History?' A very broad question, I know, especially since we're 39 minutes into class and two months into the semester, but History is all about..." [BELL RINGS] "Uhhh uhh everyone don't forget, pop quiz tomorrow, Chapters 8 and 9 uh, remember to study! uhh uuhhh I am a professor! oh god I really should start paying attention to clocks or giving out the assignment earlier..."


6. Characters talk for the first time then it instantly cuts to them having sex

"Unrealistically-aggressively flirty sentence."

"Shockingly receptive response to flirty sentence (WINK). IT'S ON!"

[Cut to them riding in a cab for 20 minutes]

"Soooo. Uhh. Got a little time to kill before the sex. Uh...so where do you work?"