The Most Promising New Fall TV Shows for Dogs


Amazing Reunions

In this heart-warmer, dogs who thought they were abandoned are emotionally reunited with the masters they thought they'd never see again when they went out to get the mail and were gone for two minutes.


Can I Eat This?

A game show in which a dog is blindfolded, and then an object is placed in front of them. The dog has to decide whether or not the unseen object is something they can or cannot eat but then they go ahead and eat it anyway.


Who's a Good Boy?

Amateur dogs compete to see "who's a good boy," by coming out onto the stage, sitting, fetching, and not eating a big pile of cat poop or jumping up on the soft, soft couch. A panel of judges offer their criticism, but it's ultimately up to call-in viewers to determine... Who's a Good Boy?


Bark Tank

Three large professional dogs bark at a smaller dog and the small dog looks scared.


The Big Bone Theory

A sitcom in which the dialogue is comprised entirely of dog puns. Critic Rex Reed calls it "rough."


The Catalist

Using only his powers of deduction, an eccentric sheepdog helps police determine who is a cat.


Real Housetrained Bitches of Dog City

The wives and relatives of prominent, wealthy dogs (Lassie's wife, Rin Tin Tin's granddaughter, three wiener dogs knocked up by Uggie from The Artist) visit one another's fabulous dog houses to drink out of the toilet and bark at each other.


Dog Parks and Recreation

A reality show in which dogs visit dog parks and pee there.


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