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Hey, Girlfriends Mom and Girlfriends Dad

I never figured out what to call my girlfriend's parents. No Mr and Mrs ____, no first names, just never figured it out. Decided I'd just go with the whole make eye contact and start talking thing. I did this for nine years. They didn't notice until I brought it up during my speech at our wedding.- Anonymous

I decided to get my girlfriend's cousin embarrassed at a party one time. She wouldn't leave, and threatened to tell on me to my girlfriend, grabbing her phone. I said "If you tell on me to her, I'll tell you what I do on her." Problem solved.- Anonymous

One time I entered my boyfriend's bedroom and he was playing the new Twilight Princess Zelda game at the time. I got naked in his sights and crawled into bed behind him. This is generally a "I want you" move from me and doesn't happen pretty much ever (at least me removing the clothes.) He never turned around and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up I was mad and I asked, "I asked, "Why the heck didn't you jump me?" He said, "Wait, what? You wanted sex?" "Nah I just strip down to nothing in front of you every night and crawl into the bed to sleep." Which I don't. "Dammit…" I know men aren't mind readers but damn.- Anonymous

I have had hip problems since I was born, and have always known I was going to have to get a hip replacement at a really young age. I was working at summer camp when I met the guy I would start a long term relationship with that I'm still in now. He was always very concerned about helping me with my problems and hip pain. One day we were talking about my surgery and he asked 'Have you found a hip doner yet?' Needless to say, I laughed for a good few minutes then said 'Yeah, this one guy has decided he doesn't want his anymore, so he's giving it to me'.- Anonymous

The first time I went to my bf's hometown, his mom told him… "You're only 17, why should you have a gf?" He is 28 and I was right there beside him…- Anonymous

Step 1 : Have sex for first time. Step 2 : Feel unclean. Step 3 : Have 2 hour shower. Step 4 : Finish with girlfriend. Forever alone lifestyle chosen.- Anonymous

For the first few months that my girlfriend and I were together, I noticed that for some reason whenever I started talking about something I found awesome from history, she would immediately get turned on. Eventually I stopped being an idiot and realized that history (specifically me talking about it) puts her in the mood. Nowadays whenever she's having a bad day (or I want the day to get a little better), I'll start reciting my history notes. I usually don't even get past the words "In 982 AD…"- Shay

My girlfriend went travelling for a month. When she got back, we passionately embraced and started tearing each other's clothes off. Unluckily for me, this one particular evening for absoIutely no reason I suffered from a bout of, shall we say, 'stage fright'. Just as this happened, Queen's 'The Show Must Go On' started blasting from my stereo, prompting my girlfriend to burst out laughing. We both saw the funny side and sealed the deal later on. The power of that song may have slightly diminished for me now though.- Anonymous

My boyfriend and I realized we both lost our virginity, to each other, watching Grandma's Boy while high.- Anonymous