8 Naked College Traditions


If you've been to college, you've probably seen people streaking through the quad or the library. But why stop there? Here are 8 schools with even weirder and nakeder traditions:

1. The Ledyard Challenge at Dartmouth College

As explained in this video, Dartmouth's "Ledyard Challenge" entails swimming across the Connecticut river to Vermont, running down the road on the Vermont side and then running then back across into New Hampshire on highway 10A. There are two main risks: getting caught by cops waiting on the NH side (public nudity is legal in Vermont, but not in NH) and getting poison ivy all over your entire body. You decide which is worse.

2. Picting at Reed College

During the Renn Fayre, a three-day festival at the end of the year, Reed students will cover themselves in blue paint and run around campus hugging each other and getting blue paint everywhere. It's called Picting in honor of the Picts, an ancient people sometimes said to have been tattooed with blue war paint, famous for their erection of engraved Pictish stones. Once this tradition started, we bet the Picts weren't the only ones putting up large hard erections, IFYAKNOWWHATIMEAN.

3. The Naked Issue of the SUNY Purchase Independent

Live streaking is for amateurs – the students at SUNY Purchase prefer their exhibitionism to be immortalized in print. The school newspaper The Independent puts out a Naked Issue every year featuring a two-page photo spread of – you guessed it – totally clothed students going about their daily routine. Just kidding, they're naked.

4. General Nudism at California Institute of the Arts

Depending on whom you ask, CalArts has either a clothing-optional pool in one of the dorms or an entirely clothing-optional campus where students are free to study, play frisbee, and attend class au naturel. At least they were when Alison Brie attended, anyway. It's just too bad that not all the students at CalArts look exactly like Alison Brie.

5. The Baker 13 at Rice University

The Baker 13 is a tradition at Rice in which students run around campus wearing only shaving cream, which is very convenient if they're planning on a full-body shave afterwards. You can watch a video of it here if you want to see naked people covered in shaving cream (you do). The run takes place on the 13th and the 31st of every month, which begs the obvious question, why they don't call it the Baker 13 And 31?

6. Naked Parties at Yale University

This New York Times article from 2007 describes the naked parties thrown at Yale by "campus wits" the Pundits as calmer than you'd expect – and the same goes for the naked parties at Brown, Wesleyan, and Columbia. Think less of a free-for-all orgy, more of "an experiment in social interaction" with "the afterglow of a literary reading." Sounds like a wild time.

7. The Varsity Streaking Team at Hamilton College

Hamilton students don't just streak to have fun: they streak to win. The Varsity Streaking Team travels to other schools to compete against squads like the Williams College Springstreakers. They even do different formations! As a Hamilton student points out in this Fox News interview, "it gets a little boring just taking off your clothes and running around naked screaming all the time, so we got a little creative, we decided to run like a flock of migratory geese." Amen.

8. The Nude Olympics at Princeton University

Princeton's Nude Olympics, traditionally held during the year's first snowfall, was tragically banned in 1999 after that winter's event saw massive alcohol abuse, violence, sexual assault, and perhaps worst of all, "someone getting peed on." Learn from their mistakes, other schools. Streak responsibly.