We asked our staff to share their current favorite thing on the Internet. Whether old or new, video or picture, we have strong feelings about these weird pieces of Internet Garbage.

Our Favorite Pieces of Internet: Jeff Rosies Choice

Sure this is a little sentimental, but I don't care, I like it. Plus it'll totally help me roundup more InterWeb tweens who like sappy stuff. Check out my Twitter page that I never update here kidz!

Not-So-Fun Fact: In second grade, during an indoor recess brought on by rain, I was playing tag with my shoelaces untied (a short-lived fad in my elementary school), when one of my unnamed "friends" [cough] Sam Haller [cough] stepped on my shoe-laces while chasing me in a heated game of tag. I chipped my front tooth pretty badly, and since then my other front tooth has suffered nerve damage and died. Thanks, Sam!

P.S. Veneers cost $3,000 pal!