The cast of the upcoming apocalyptic comedy This Is The End - namely, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel - are asking fans to 'Like' their Facebook page, and, as a reward, they'll repay your loyalty by filming increasingly absurd stunts: Eating spaghetti makeout-style, painting each other in the nude, you name it!

Allow them to elaborate:

Just a simple click, and you can sustain the lifeblood of four very famous people who everyone already likes already. Simple enough, right?

The movie hits theaters on Wednesday, June 12th, so begin the official countdown to 'Artistic Franco-Peen'...

Find out more at This is The End's Facebook Page

UPDATE 5/30:

To prove they're serious, the Danny Waxes Seth's Back milestone has been reached, and here it is:



They've reached the second milestone! Here's "Danny And Jay Share A Strand Of Spaghetti":