There are only so many festivals and weddings you can fill your weekends with this summer -- don't let the DJ ruin one of these events for you.

This Shite Irish Facebok DJ

We're not sure where or in what context this comes from (like is this even real?) However, this video first blew up on a Facebook page called Shite Irish Club Nights, which usually collects shitty nightlife fliers (like this), and this video really blew up the page. Oh boy.

Avicii "Levels" doesn't work everywhere, man.


This Serbian DJ That Isn't Plugged In

Lip-synching. A lot of foreign TV shows will use this workaround on singers and bands to save themselves (and the performers) the hassle of capturing a live performance that has no chance of competing with a polished studio product... but if we're dealing with a DJ who is doing no song-to-song mixing here, it most definitely comes off a little silly -- especially when they make it a point to zoom in on the empty plugs.

Really wonder what that studio audience is thinking.

Hire DJ Shone here, by the way.


This Terrible, Terrible Wedding DJ

OK, so this guy from Stardust Entertainment isn't the one responsible for the atrocious fade from Miami Sound Machine's Conga to Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight -- that's the work of some ingenious video editing - but what he does to that woman's breasts is inexcusable.

Also he says "slice of wine."


Paris Hilton

She signed to Cash Money Records (Lil Wayne's Label) a few weeks ago in order to release a new album of house music later this year. She's already been DJing since 2012. This is all pretty bad news.


This DJ Who Partied So Hard He Wrecked His Own Setup

He gets up on his own deck, and the legs eventually give out, causing the record to continually skip -- the first few of which, from the audio here, seem like they could be mistaken for an ill-timed breakdown (of the song, not his table).


This Awful Wedding DJ Who Can't Find the Right Song

This DJ has lost the First Dance CD under the tablecloth, leaving a long awkward silence on the dance floor. When it is found, the already-playing song is interrupted, only to be replaced with an incorrect song... OK... now it's all good. (Third time's a charm)

But could it happen AGAIN?

Second time with the Mother-Son dance. Long awkward silence AGAIN. Wrong songs AGAIN.

"Can we start it over again? Keep dancing"

"It's very dark over here and I can't see anything"


This Kid

The video title claims DJ BabyChino get[s] $2500 a gig, which is simply money not well spent.


This DJ Who Got Chewed Up by Biggie Smalls at Summer Jam '95

Hard to shit on someone who's already being humiliated by Notorious B.I.G. in public, but after DJ Kap screws up twice in this clip, Biggie goes off and throws a bottle at his booth (at 1:04).

Actually, according to this interview about the incident in the May 2011 issue of Fader, Kap blames the record skipping on the San Francisco heat, as it warped the records (no laptop DJs in '95).