There's this great YouTube Channel that's posting Vines: TheBestVines, which is where we found Bruce D's kids' show + rap mashups the other day. Watching these is like opening a can of Family Guy cut sequences -- the more random the better. If you don't have the Vine app on your phone but want to enjoy some of the most popular six-second clips it has to offer, this channel is certainly worth your time, uploading 100 videos in the past week. Here's what you can expect:

Don't Be Afraid of Love!

by Jerome Jarre

Reverse Racism

by Childish Brandino

How to Wake Up Your Dog


When Using Someone Else's Shower

by Marcus Johns

The Looks He Gets

by Jerome Jarre

Drop It Like Its Hot

by Sebastian Revilla

This Is How I Kiss Doggies

by Marcus Johns

How to Be an Orange County Mom

by Kc James

I'm Stressin'

by TylerTheCreator

The Kill Bill Dunk

by Kc James

Running Through White Neighborhoods

by Eric Dunn

Look At The Shadow

by TheMermaid

We have our own set of short videos that we've been collecting under the tag Qollegehumor Quickies -- try these on for size: