A guy by the name of Bruce D has been posting vines that mash up rap (occasionally pop) songs with children's' programming — Disney movies, Barney, Teletubbies, the Wizard of Oz. They're matching up pretty well.

Move over, Ryan Gosling and Will Sasso, the Vine throne belongs to BRUCE D.


ft. Trinidad James

"Dumbo Crows"

ft. Afroman

"Teletubbies shake that a$$"

ft. 50 Cent

"Dorothy is just tryin to find her way back home"

ft. T.I. & Justin Timberlake

"Dance (A$$) Barney Remix"

ft. Big Sean

"If I Were a Real Boy"

ft. Beyonce

"Aladdin straight flexin"

ft. Trinidad James (again)

Kind of funny how a new format (Vine) can refresh an old idea (rap / kids mashup). For example, this Barney / Tupac mashup goes way back (2006).

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