There's nothing better than laughing at the flagrant stupidity of a stranger on the Internet, but keeping up with all the stupid people on the vast deserts of forums, websites, and subreddits can be exhausting. Luckily, several Twitter accounts have arisen to compile the very best of these oblivious poets into simple, easy-to-read text posts. Here's a few of our favorites.

REMINDER: All of these tweets are taken from ACTUAL POSTS ON THESE WEBSITES.

h2. 1. Fanfiction_txt

The very worst in creative writing crossovers.

2. okcupid.txt

What's not to love about terrible people incapable of love?

3. amazon_txt

All your favorite stupidity, with free shipping!

4. Tumblr dot TXT

There's weird, and there's Tumblr weird.

5. Reddit.txt

Because what list would be complete without a glimpse behind the periwinkle and orange curtains of the Internet's weirdest clubhouse?