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Thats My Butt

The other day my girlfriend and I were hanging out and as always things began to get heated after a little while. We were both really horny so I reached my hand down her pants and started feeling around. Jeans are pretty tough to explore, being so tight, but her parents were home, so I couldn't take them off. I finally slipped a finger inside of her and she whispers "that's my butt". We both burst out laughing. Definitely a keeper.- Anonymous

Me and my girlfriend created an elaborate system of hand signals for her to use which describe how to remove each article of clothing that she has on (for example, touching the top of her head means that her bra clasps in the front). People just stare confused while she makes signals like a third base coach in the middle of school.- Anonymous

I tried giving my boyfriend head the other day (my first time doing anything like that… ever), but I got really nervous and ended up looking at it for a long time and pretended it was a gun. I think my 'pew pew' ing fed him up so he made up an excuse to go home.- Anonymous

My husband plays copious amounts of Heroes of Newerth. When I say that, I mean almost 8-9 hours… a day… I started watching him play shortly after the game released as I find it entertaining. However I realized something the other day. I've watched at least 75% of games he's ever played of HoN and can name off details of important ones without even thinking. I've done the math, which concluded that in the past year I've watched about 2200 hours of HoN… This isn't even including the hours of watching him play DotA…. He's no longer the reigning dork in the relationship.- Anonymous

One time my girlfriend and I were watching Star Wars V (she hadn't seen it before, I don't know how that is possible) and we got to the part where Boba Fett first comes on screen, and being the massive Star Wars nerd I am, I gave out a little cheer. Using my knowledge of the expanded universe, I proceeded to explain just how cool he is, and after a while she goes, "Whats so cool cool about him, he's just an old robot?" I freaked out and to this day, I will not let her live that down.- Anonymous

One night, me and my boyfriend were hanging out on my bed talking and eating m&m's. After awhile we started going at it, and when we were finished I sat up and he got a grossed out look on his face and said "ewww babe, what's all over your back?!" Turns out we had dropped a couple m&m's and they had melted and squished underneath us.- Anonymous

I personally like being slightly choked w/ a hand while having sex, doggy style.- Shay

Like many couples on here, my boyfriend and I have lick fights, tickle fights (he always wins those, and initiates them, since I squeak and flail when tickled), and the usual not-so-weird couple things. I'm pretty sure his thing about sticking things up my nose it pretty unique though.- Anonymous

My boyfriend has definitely gotten around. For fun we both filled out a virginity test detailing various sexual exploits, and my eyes kept getting wider with every kinky thing he checked off as having done, including bondage, gunplay, and a devil's threesome. When asked if he actually has any kinks he just shrugs and says he doesn't know since all of his kinky experiences were "drunk, spur-of-the-moment things". I'm not sure whether to be amused or shocked, but either way I'm kinda curious.- Anonymous