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Welcome to Work Sucks, the column where you get to complain about your most terrible, lousy, soul-sucking jobs. In this issue, we've brought you more of the best of your worst work stories from the past year. If your job sucks even worse than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

I work at a nursing home. This one old lady got a new roomate who need oxygen on all the time. She asked one day what the noise was, referring to the oxygen machine, I told her what it was and she responded with "oh, that's why I haven't been feeling well lately, I am allergic to oxygen." I didn't even know how to respond to this.- Anonymous

I work in a restaurant and saw my boss use the grill scraper to clean shit off the floor. He then used it on the grill without cleaning it…in front of customers.- Anonymous

Customer walks up to customer service desk.Me asking politely: "How can I help you, sir?"C: "What do you think I want, a hamburger?!"I work in a hardware store. My job is to answer customer questions, connect customers with employees from each department, supervise the cashiers, ring people up, answer phones, and do exchanges and returns.Kinda shocked, but still polite, Me: "Umm…so a return?'Glaring at me, C: "Yea".I quietly return his item.Bluntly, C: "Call your manager."I call. My manager arrives, and he and the customer go outside the store and stand in front of my window. The customer complains about my service, all because I asked how I could help him.Customer leaves and my manager walks back in.Manager: "Can you believe that guy? He told me exactly what he said to you. Some people…"I handle many complaints at the store, and most people that complain are just grumpy assholes, but few are stupid enough to tell the truth.- monimonster123

When you work as a cashier, the rules are that when your shift is over, you turn off your lane light and serve anyone who was there before you switched it off before you leave. One busy night (during the holiday rush, mind you) I was already there for a half hour after my shift was done because the store was so busy. I looked around and saw that I finally had a small line, and turned off my lane light, making a note of who was in line. I checked them all out, and this guy comes up out of nowhere. I nicely said, "I'm sorry sir, I'm closed." And he INSISTED that he was there before I turned my light off, which I knew for a fact that he wasn't. I apologized and told him I couldn't help,(if I had, I would've had to help everyone behind him too, but I didn't say that obviously) So this jerk starts screaming about how much I suck, then walks away and flips me off. Of course I have to take all of this with a smile. I hate retail.- Kate

I used to work at a daycare where I had a boss who REALLY got off on making/enforcing stupid rules for the children. To name a few, the kids could only play with certain toys at certain times of the day, they were absolutely not allowed to play super-heroes, and for some unfathomably dumb reason there was no "birthday talk" allowed. All of these "offenses" are punishable by various means. Anyway, one day I see her loudly blow her lid at a couple 4 year olds and send them off into time out. When I asked her what they did wrong, she looked me dead in the eye and snapped "They were HUGGING." In response to my blank stare, she gravely explains how there is now a "zero-tolerance" hugging policy for the kids because sometimes "they pick each other up and that is too rough". In addition, i was henceforth expected to enforce this dumbass policy. Not only did I never enforce it, but I always played Iron Man with the kids when she went off shift. Childhood wins, you cranky bitch.- Pepper P

I worked at a family restaurant as a waiter freshman/sophomore year of college, this being my first actual job. Well one night this lady with her husband glares at me all through the meal, and demands to speak with my manager. She says that I was completely sexist because I refilled the guy's drink first and gave him back the credit card when they payed. My boss laughed and told them they weren't getting anything free. I feel bad for the husband, who just sat there while she bitched out.- I F

Over the summer I worked as a life guard at a local water park. The pay sucked, the work sucked, and the customers were complete assholes, always trying to get us in trouble in hopes of getting free admission. One day I was on the top deck where three slides were located. Two of the slides could take both double or single tubes down them but one of the slides, the slide that I was working at, only accepted single tubes since it was so fast that overweight people might fly into the stairs at the end. (Which actually happened). As I was working a dark skinned Middle Eastern man tried riding down with a double tube. After I kindly told him that only single tubes were allowed on he starts making a scene claiming that i was "being racist toward arabs". Now I, being %100 Arabic, calmly kept quiet until he was finished making a scene. I then proceeded to show him my name tag which had my name "Mohammad" on it. He immediately stopped talking and walked away.- Mohammad J.

I worked at a gas station during my first two years of college, and not a day went by where I didn't see people ignoring the "turn your engines off" sign… a serious fire hazard. Even when I asked people politely to shut their engines off, they would ignore me. I didn't care so much since they were far away from my booth and it's not like fires are guarenteed to happen. One cold morning when I was out changing the signs, a woman pulled up to the pump near where I was standing without turning her engine off. Before she even stepped away from her car, I asked her turn her engine off, which would have been easy since she was right by the ignition. She told me that she didn't want to because her baby was in the car and she didn't want it to get cold (in the span of 2 minutes it takes to pump gas). I snapped back without thinking, "well, what are you going to do it if your baby catches on fire?!" She was too shocked to repond but definitely angry enough to speed away. I was anxious for the rest of my shift, awaiting an angry husband to come pound my face in. Who knows, though… maybe I saved that baby's life…- Anonymous

I work at a family-style italian restaurant. Every evening, of every day of every week without fail, Thelma comes in. She orders a glass of wine – but it has to be her glass. It has to come with three lemon wedges, a glass of ice with a spoon and a paper napkin. She gets special tiny meals made for her and when you bring her the food you have to also bring a steak knife, chili flakes, and the parmesan cheese and leave them all with her so she can "fix" the food. She does not eat a thing. You have to pack her food in tinfoil in stead of the normal containers. Her bill for this comes to about 15$. She does not tip. There is a special circle of hell reserved for her.- Gillian C

One day while I was working my old job, my boss fired me and told me to finish my shift but not to come back after that and he would find someone to work the shifts I was scheduled for. The day of the next shift I had been scheduled for, my manager called and asked where I was. I informed her that I had been fired and someone else was supposed to be working instead. She proceeded to call my boss, and then called me right back and said, "He said he doesn't know what you're talking about and to get your ass over here." My boss fired me and then forgot about it. Talk about going senile.- Anonymous

I work as a hair stylist at a chain salon. I've heard some crazy stories from clients in the past, but one guy a few weeks ago took the cake. He came in with ginger hair that had grown out into a mullet, he was dirty, and he reeked of BO. Two little kids followed him in that were just as dirty and smelly, a boy and a girl. They started running around screaming when I started his haircut, so he gave them $30 to go get burgers. $30. He told me he took them out of school for 3 months to drive around Cali going to theme parks. He was back home now running his business, which "dealt mostly with cash," and the banks would no longer serve him because they "thought he was, like, dealing drugs.. or something.." I politely agreed with him that the notion was absurd. I asked about the kids. He said he had custody because his ex-wife was in jail for attempted murder for stabbing him in the stomach when she was addicted to painkillers. He happily pulled up his shirt and said, "See? The hospital said I'm one of 200 people to survive a stab wound like that in 40 years." It was an inch thick grey line from his chest down past the top of his pants. I said, to change the subject, something about the younger kid being lucky to have an older brother. He looked confused and said "he doesn't have an older brother…" Apparently it was a girl. I floundered and generally made an ass of myself trying to cover my mistake. He then tipped me a giant heap of dirty dollar bills from his pocket. Biggest tip I've ever gotten.- Molly E

I run an online toy store that specialises in collectables – Pokemon Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mega Bloks figures etc. Quite a few of our sales come from eBay. Now we get A LOT of parents that buy rare items for their children then try to pull a fast on on us, claiming that we've sent the wrong item, or it never arrived, in the hopes that we send them another rare item free of charge or receive dreaded negative feedback. Without fail, every single time the buyer will use their child to add weight to the complaint saying 'You have really upset my child!" when they're making it up. Unfortunately for us, there is NOTHING we can do. Proof of postage or shipping? eBay doesn't care. Proof that we sent the correct item. eBay doesn't care. Every time they side with the con man and we lose either money, stock or custom through negative feedback. Fuck you parents for raising your children in your dishonest world!- Sam Z