"Justin Bieber hopes [Anne Frank] would have been his devoted fan […] "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber," he wrote."CNN

January 22, 1943

One of the happiest days I can remember— this morning Jane brought us fresh fruit and bread. Jane also brought me a present— a record album called "My World 2.0" by someone named Justin Bieber. I don't know who Justin Bieber is but Papa says he's a kid like me and that I can listen to it when there is no one below in the house.

January 23, 1943

I can't stop singing the music of Justin Bieber! What joy his music brings me! My favorite song is definitely "Baby." I love it when Justin says "Baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby, oh." It makes me think a lot about the world, like— all humans started out as babies, so we're all the same, really.

Papa and I put on shows for Mama (I am Justin and Papa is Ludacris) and he makes me laugh so hard when he tries to rap really fast. Our whole family shares in such laughter, all thanks to the music of this wonderful Justin Bieber.

February 17, 1943

Using a transmitter radio I heard Justin's new single, "Boyfriend." It feels like he's singing directly to me! My favorite part is when he says, "Swag, swag, swag on you, Chillin' by the fire while we eatin' fondue."

I wonder what "swag" is. Maybe swag is the feeling I get when I listen to the music of Justin Bieber— the feeling that anything is possible if we try in our hearts.

I asked Mama what fondue is and she looked out the window without answering.

February 26, 1943

I heard on the radio that Justin is very excited about his nineteenth birthday next week (he is only three years older than me!). Papa says that people who like Justin Bieber are called Beliebers, and that makes me happy— I think about other beliebers out there, like me, who wish Justin were their boyfriend and would never let them go.

February 28, 1943

I'm so upset— I just heard on the radio that Justin Bieber's monkey was seized by customs officials! They said it was because he was too young a monkey to be someone's pet. Even though Justin was taking good care of him!

I really hope Justin is O.K. and maybe if I swag really hard he can feel it.

March 2, 1943

More terrible news today. Justin Bieber said he had the "worst birthday ever." Papa told me Justin got kicked out of a club in London. That's all we even know so far! Papa tried to cheer me up by rapping like Ludacris but it only made me sadder.

What if what Justin says in "U Smile" isn't true? What if you smile, you smile, you smile, but then the person you like actually doesn't smile?

March 6, 1943

This is is the last straw. The drummer from the Black Keys is feuding with Justin Bieber. I could barely breathe when Papa told me. It was bad enough that Justin got snubbed at the Grammys (after the most amazing record album ever), but now this silly drummer makes fun of him for it? Hasn't Justin suffered enough? Who will comfort Justin now that they took away his monkey?

If Justin is feeling down I hope he can remember his own words that have helped me so much— "Baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby, oh." I sing it to myself sometimes to remind me that Justin Bieber is going to be O.K.

I asked Papa, since Justin Bieber has given the whole world so much joy and hope from his music, why can't he just do and say whatever he wants all the time? Papa said some things in life are simply not fair, but that it's important to have faith. I have faith that Justin Bieber will be happy again.

I really beliebe it.