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Does it still count as sex if the guy cant get it up - Image 1

One out of three guys I've slept with couldn't get it up. I wonder if it still counts as sleeping with them and whether I'm considered a slut, or maybe I'm just too hot and they were extremely nervous….- Anonymous

While in high school, my girlfriend invited me to a play with her parents. The show was the most boring thing I've ever seen. My girlfriend seemed to feel the same way, becuase during the last act of the play she started stroking my thigh and giving me flirting looks. We got more and more eager to get out of there, and in the car ride home with her parents we couldn't wait any longer. While sitting in the backseat of the car I let my hand wander down south underneath her skirt and things got heated. I don't know if her parents knew and where just too awkward to say anything, or if we were just too quiet for them to hear what we were doing. Either way, it was the best drive of my life.- Anonymous

I have been planning to ask out this girl for awhile if she wasn't dating this one guy, and the "friend zone" conversation with someone else came up between her and her friend while I was walking with her. Apparently I'm too good of a friend to lose, if we ever broke up. SHIT.- Anonymous

Before me and my ex ever slept together (actual sleeping in a bed) she would spend forever in the bathroom. When I asked her one time why this was she left the room and came back with a note that said "I have bad gas at night"…She did!- Anonymous

One night I was over at my boyfriend's house (now my ex). We were making out and it was getting pretty intense. At almost the exact moment our hands got into each other's pants his dad opened the bedroom door we forgot to lock and said, "You guys coming down for dinner? Or have you already eaten?"- Anonymous

My girl and I had pulled into a park and were in the back getting busy when a cop pulled up and knocked on the window. I jumped into the front seat and started talking with him. When I handed him my wallet he felt the condom while checking my license and looked in the back. My naked girlfriend have him a wave. He quickly handed me my wallet apologized and left.- Anonymous

I'm not really into the dating scene (maybe asexual, maybe just aloof), but that doesn't stop my roommate from trying to set me up. Her reasoning? I have to procreate for eugenic purposes, if nothing else. The traits she thinks should be passed on? I'm taller than average, and I make a mean pizza.- Anonymous

So my ex girlfriend did a whole lot of whoring around and manipulating me when we dated, and it was a very messy breakup. After outing her on her cheating way and kicking her to the curb, she proceeded to sell all of my belongings that was still at her place, which included an airsoft gun, my xbox and several games. Needless to say I was pissed. However I got the last laugh. I got a job over the summer working with the cleaning staff at our apartment complex, which my ex also lived at. After she moved out I got the privilege of cleaning her dump of an apartment. Long story short, I may have overestimated the amount of trash taken out by around 15 bags, which wound up costing her around $800 of money she did not have for labor and damages. Needless to say, I enjoyed watching her squirm when she came in to pay the fines the week after.- Anonymous

My boyfriend has been doing his best to make our under the cover endeavors more exciting so I told him that I was into a little dirty talking in the heat of the moment. Now I have a habit of being kind of loud sometimes so he put on some music and started going at it when he grunted a sexy line into my neck between heavy breaths. I cleared my throat and said " Uh I can't hear hear you…" we stopped and burst into laughter.- Anonymous

I may be old fashioned but I think this sort of thing should be done in person. I dated my ex for 7 years. She ended it in a text message.- Anonymous