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Rough Love: Slow Dancing, Roosters, and Pokeballs - Image 1

I was once at a dance with a boyfriend of mine. We were slow dancing and he was singing the song to me. Not only did his voice sound like a distressed cat, but he proceeded to ask me, in the middle of the song, if i could "feel his excitement". I didn't know slow dancing could make a guy horny.- Anonymous

My dad is cheating on my stepmother with my mother. Both think he's going to leave one for the other. I want to hit him.- Rose

I am a junior in college and have had the worst time finding and holding onto a girl. Of the three girls I have been with, the first was made out with everyone on my floor freshman year, the second made out with everyone in my fraternity sophomore year, and the third, who was the most attractive and NOT a slut, simply got away this year (junior year). Also I go to an engineering school and the few cute girls that exist here, are either sluts or taken.- Anonymous

My now ex gf and I were in a long distance relationship all through high school, it was only 3 hours but it was far enough for her parents to let me stay the night in their house in their spare bedroom. One night she decides to come to my spare bedroom to have some fun. Everything was going amazing until we both heard footsteps coming downstairs (by this time i was naked) and instead of her running out of the room she tells me to get out. I didnt know what to do so I ran out of the room and jumped over the back of the couch onto the cushions and covered up with some blankets. At this time her mom opens the door to the spare bedroom and asks what she was doing in my bed and she tells her mom that i decided to sleep on the couch. Her mom then goes back to bed and nothing happened. A week later her mom bought me a zippo with a rooster on it that said "Rock out with your cock out". I think she might have seen me?- Anonymous

My ex was one of those rare guys who actually didn't mind having sex while I was on my period. I liked it because it actually felt good and was generally when I was at my horniest. Normally we prepared and put down lots of old towels on his bed, but this one time we were so into the foreplay that we ended up having sex in the middle of this living room floor (wooden floor). After we finished, I got up to go clean myself off and head back to his room. It was then he started giggling. After asking what's up, he said through snorts "It looks like a massacre, there is blood all over your back on the floor and on me…." To my video game obsessed ex-boyfriend… this is apparently funny.- Anonymous

I used to go down on my ex fairly often, and I was looking for a little reciprocation. Finally, he tried to pay me back in kind. He barely got his tongue in before he pulled back and almost threw up. He told me I tasted disgusting and begged me to never make him do it again. Keep in mind I did this for him all the time and he didn't exactly taste like rainbows and sugar either. Needless to say, I was humiliated but tried to laugh it off anyways. Not five minutes later, he pulled down his pants and asked for a BJ. I did it, but we didn't last much longer. Two days later I broke up with him…Best decision of my life.- Anonymous

This girl I'm seeing now is a huge nerd just like me. She took a plain white bra and drew on the cups to make them look like Pokeballs. Knowing she had this on one day I said, "I see you have two hidden items under your shirt." We both couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes.- Anonymous

So I was begging my girlfriend to spice up our sex life, and so we decided to try a few new positions. We were in her dorm room, while her roommate was out, and we took all the necessary precautions so we wouldn't be walked in on (dead bolting the door.) We finally got into it, and we were trying some odd things, when we hear the door being unlocked. I jump into her bed, leaving her on the floor as she yelled to her roommate, "Just wait! Not Yet!" Upon testing it, we found that the dead bolt unlocks with the swipe of the key. Maybe next time we should stick to the old "sock on the door" trick.- Anonymous

My ex girlfriend whom i'm now dating again is a nympho…we fooled around and screwed literally everywhere…though on one occasion i had gone over to her house to join her family for a large family meal, and after about an hour she started to get horny and so we started making out (on the couch in the very open living room in front of everybody) and it wasnt just an innocent make out; we were going at it…then she stops, goes and grabs a blanket and covers us both with it and whispers in my ear demanding we fool around…needless to say we screwed with her parents and grandparents less than fifteen feet away, and they didnt have a clue.- Anonymous

To my displeasure, i have spent every single day for the past three months with my girlfriend. I spent today out job hunting, and ended my night with some buddies. The first day i don't see her for 3 months she dumps me because she thinks I'm seeing another girl.- Anonymous