Welcome back to Work Sucks, the column where you get to complain about your most terrible, lousy, soul-sucking jobs. In this issue, we've brought you the very best of your worst work stories from the past year. If your job sucks even worse than this, submit your story at the bottom of this page.

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I have been an AP physics teacher for around six years. I thought I was a pretty good one at that. Almost none of my students failed, and I thought I was pretty nice. Until I found a facebook group specially made to hate me. Almost every student I have taught has joined the group. And to add more, the principal , and some other staff have joined it.- Anonymous

My raise over the past two years has been a total of 11 cents.- Anonymous

I work at a popular italian restaurant as a food/kitchen runner. Sucks. A woman ordered a salad. She sent the salad back complaining that the vegetables in the salad were too "crispy and fresh." She asked for us to put it in the microwave with butter. People are simply ridiculous.- Anonymous

They make me use Internet Explorer. Enough said.- Anonymous

My last job was at Barnes & Noble. You typically don't see stupid people coming into a bookstore, so the job was pretty nice. However, one day I was approached by a man looking for a book his kid needed for school. And I quote: "I need Romeo and Juliet, but all I can find is the play."- Audrie Beth

One day during my brief stint as a Subway employee, I had an outraged customer return her tuna fish sub because it smelled "Fishy". I was soon after reprimanded for "failing to control my fit of hysterics".- Breanna Neff

I sell crocs.- Anonymous

I work at one of those premium outlets near a nuclear power plant. Once a month, the plant tests its emergency siren, which is pretty loud. I was with a customer when this happened one month, and he heard the signal and asked what it was, so I told him it was the power plant. The look on his face before I told him it was a test? Priceless.- Bill N.

We have a maintenance guy at work who is one of the nicest people you could meet. Whatever he is asked to do, it gets done. I was going to go to lunch with him one day but he tells me he can't go. His boss called him and said he needed to be a pallbearer around noon. Of course I said how sorry I was and asked who died. His job as a "pallbearer" meant that he had to go dig a hole and bury his boss's daughter's dog. He just shrugged it off and did what he needed to do. Great guy.- Anonymous

I was at work planning my foray into Skyrim once my shift ended. I started making a list of all the Daedric artifacts I had and still needed to get. I left the handwritten list by my register. A week later my manager pulled me aside and said there was a problem. He said, "Corporate called. They looked over the list of required items you left at your register. They said they were sorry but they don't have the Masque of Clavicus Vile in their inventory."- Jack Cooper