There has never been another sitcom as huge as "Friends" was. And, based on the fact that "Two and a Half Men" is still the top rated sitcom and no one watches anything on NBC anymore, there may never be a show like "Friends" again. Good thing it will remain in reruns forever. As someone who has seen every episode of "Friends" at least 5 times, here are a few things that still bother me:

1. After Ross said the wrong name, why did Emily finish the wedding?

In "The One With Ross's Wedding," Ross, as you'll remember, says the wrong name during the vows. He's marrying Emily, but he says, "Rachel." Whoops! That's not really a great start to a marriage, but the good thing about it is that it happened before Ross and Emily were technically married. This was a perfect opportunity for Emily to call the whole thing off, but, instead of doing that very logical thing, she finishes the wedding, then runs away after they're legally married. That is such a hassle. It's not all Emily's fault, though. Ross has been divorced before. He really should have done a better job keeping a lookout for signs that things wouldn't work out. Like the fact that he said the wrong name during his wedding vows.

2. Who are these other "friends" they show in party scenes?

We all spent 10 years watching Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey, and we know that they don't have any other friends. They have people they date and each other. That's it. So who are all these randos they trot out during party scenes? The idea that you can spend all your time only hanging out with five other people and still have a rockin' New Year's Eve is just another lie "Friends" spread about your twenties. At least they used it as an excuse to wedge some black people in the background.

3. Why are they all friends with Phoebe?

Not to hate on Phoebe, but her presence in the "Friends" friend group doesn't make any sense. Sure, she's a good friend, and by season 10, it's understandable why they haven't stopped being friends with her, but why were they friends in the first place? She's weird. She doesn't have anything in common with the rest of the gang. And she's really weird. If this were real life, Phoebe would just feature in Monica's stories about that crazy roommate she once had, and that would be the end of it. Like Eddie. Remember Eddie?

4. What's up with Rachel and Emma living with Joey?

It's bad enough that a 32 year-old woman with a presumably--based on wardrobe--high-paying job lives with a roommate, but the fact that she keeps living with him after she has a baby with another man is just plain weird. It's not even a really great apartment. There's no bedroom for the baby, and there's only that one window in the livingroom. Also, are there two microwaves in that kitchen? Come on, Rachel. Get it together.