Whether they're singing Taylor Swift songs, or just screaming like humans it seems like, lately, goats can instantly improve any video.

Here are the best goat videos on the Internet in two delicious flavors:


I. Straight Musical Remixes:



II. Non-Taylor Swift Style Remixes:


Brazilian Guy's Impressive Vocal Range Mixed with Usher Goat

Student Invents Goatbombing

--This isn't the first breakthrough as far as animals-as-human-singers videos go; Death Metal Rooster, Metal Cat, Death Metal Cat, and Death Metal Donkey all came first, but for now it's the year of the goat.

UPDATE: Bon Jovi Goat / Anne Hathaway Goat / Usher Goat / Bieber Goat / Backstreet Boys Goat / Katy Perry Goat / GOATYEYOU STILL WANT MORE GOATS? Pantera Goat / Iron Maiden Goat / Oh Yeah GoatLET GOATS REIGN FOREVER: Goats Yelling Like Humans pt. 2 / Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans / Goat Playing Peek-a-Boo / Pon de Floor Goat