Bullying. It's a problem. Cyberbullying: even scarier, potentially, I mean if you're a mom who doesn't know how computers work. In 2011, ABC Family set out to educate their audience on the pitfalls of letting their children have computers with internet access (the gall!), with the movie Cyberbully (oops, cyberbu//y). By educate, I mean scare with misinformation. Luckily, a YouTube channel by the name of YourMovieSucksDOTorg took a stab at dismantling all the hogwash in the movie, and it blew up on Reddit over the weekend. The review spans 22 minutes over two videos, but it is well worth your watch:

Did you catch that supercut of the times Sia's " Breathe Me " has been used as a soundtrack? Brilliant. Also: taking back the word hack for actual hacking, "too gay to lift," and the Billy Mays dub at the end. Bravo.


(GIF at top from: stopherworld)