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10. Community

Never betray a cult following. Not because it's morally wrong, but because on top of the wave of miserable Tumblr essays sure to follow, they actually get even more into the show. Dan Harmon got fired and it was pushed back 4 months, which gave fans plenty more time to recall jokes from earlier episodes and make self-righteous speeches, effectively recreating the entire show in the process. None of it matters anyway. Dan Harmon's rich, October 19th was on October 19th, and felt goatees looks about as dumb as real ones. Let's everybody calm down.

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9. Firefly

Nothing's more disappointing than when a show is cut down in its prime, both for the fans of the show and for the rest of civilization who have to go through life hearing about it for what has now been more than a goddamn decade. Firefly might have been the best show of all time, but that doesn't change the fact that your average Nielsen family treats the phrase "Space Western" about the same as they treat phrases like "Cover Charge" or "Small Penis". The worst thing about Firefly fans? It's a toss up between when they actually got their way and Firefly continued as a movie a few years later, or the numerous charities they've have set up using their network as a catalyst for good. These are not only TV fans, but respectable winners. F*ck Browncoats.

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8. Twin Peaks

In 1990, Twin Peaks asked the world "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" Pretty shortly after, the world asked Twin Peaks "Who's that?" "What was he talking about?" "Midgets?" "Demons?" "Why are we still watching this?" "Can you really say 'Cherry Pie' on network television?" Its supporters will tell you're not supposed to get it. That if you really put in the time and do your research, it'll make sense after all, but anyone who's ever even seen a picture of David Lynch knows that can't possibly be true.

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7. Doctor Who

This year, Doctor Who turns 50, meaning most true chronological Doctor Who fans are now approaching retirement. Despite this, it's a show for children. Sorry, "families" (children). With that in mind, you'd think the writers would do their best to make sure a show designed to be seen at 6 p.m. on a Saturday isn't infuriatingly convoluted/more than occasionally kind of boring. Sure, it's kind of fun once you get into it, but to do that you really need someone who knows the ins and outs of the series. And they're either 8 or in Florida. Next time you're around a kid/old person, ask them any question that could conceivably be answered with one word and see where that gets you, then you can start worrying about whether or not the 1996 TV Movie counts as canon.

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6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Never has there been a more serious-minded group of people devoted to one of the least serious-minded shows of all time. Buffy's great: it's an exciting coming-of-age saga with a strong female lead. It's also a show about weird teens who fight monsters every week, and also hook up with them kind of a lot. It's wacky! No-one cares who has "issues with Spike" anymore. The show's been over forever, and, as a rule, you really shouldn't overanalyze anything Seth Green's ever been a part of.