1. George Washington2. Abraham Lincoln3. Thomas Jefferson4. John AdamsT-5. Theodore RooseveltT-5. Franklin D. Roosevelt7. John F. Kennedy8. Dwight Eisenhower9. Harry Truman

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

10. Andrew Jackson11. James Madison12. Woodrow Wilson13. James Monroe14. Bill Clinton15. John Quincy Adams16. Ronald Reagan17. James K. Polk18. Lyndon Johnson19. Barack Obama

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

20. Martin Van Buren21. George H.W. Bush22. Gerald Ford23. Herbert Hoover24. Jimmy Carter25. William H. Taft26. Rutherford B. Hayes27. Grover Cleveland28. Martin Van Buren29. Chester A. Arthur

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

30. James A. Garfield31. Calvin Coolidge32. Richard Nixon33. William McKinley34. Zachary Taylor35. John Tyler36. Benjamin Harrison37. William Henry Harrison38. George W. Bush39. Millard Fillmore

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

40. Franklin Pierce41. Ulysses S. Grant42. Andrew Johnson43. James Buchanan44. Warren Harding

45. …Uhoh.

46. You guys, I promised my editors a list of 77 of these for a wacky, themed President's Day list. Do you KNOW what happens if I can't fulfill my Internet List Quota?? THEY'LL BREAK MY THUMBS THEN TURN THE VIDEO OF THEM BREAKING MY THUMBS INTO A GIF AND POST THAT GIF WITH NO LINKBACK CREDIT TO ME!!! And that's for a FIRST offense.

47. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD WHAT WAS I THINKING??? God Dammit Hopper – SEVENTY-SEVEN PRESIDENTS??? You fucking moron. You could've just done 20 or even, oh I don't know, FORTY-FOUR, how about that number? But no, had to be "better" than the other 9 trillion other Presidential-Ranking lists on the internet and now you've federally fucked yourself.

48. Alright, alright, don't panic. I'm sure I can pad this list with some more presidents and/or random shit from the 90s.

49. Harrison Ford from Air Force One. YEAH! Fictional but that fuckin' counts, here we go.

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

50. President Skroob from Spaceballs. BOOM! 50.

51. Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons. Was he a President? Close enough NEXT.

52. Santa Claus. He's basically president of the North Pole. Judges? DING Counts AWESOME moving on.

53. WAIT – did I leave off George Washington? YES! "George Washington". FREEBIE!!! Actually hang on, let me Control-F that… Ahhh shit, no, he's already on the list, never mind.

54. President…I don't know… Dennis Quaid from The Day After Tomorrow. Actually, wait, he wasn't president in that, he was some "toldja so" science dude. This sucks.

59. Maybe if I skip over some numbers no one will notice.

60. All right, eyes on the prize, Hoppy, we're almost through this thing.

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

61. Abraham Lincoln from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure. Whew, that one was a gimme.

62. Lincoln from Lincoln.

63. Lincoln from the movie Gettysburg.

64. Lincoln Logs.

65. STILL ONLY ON #65? This is a goddamn disaster.

66. Lincoln from Bart Simpson's "Huckleberry Finn" fantasy in the "Boy Who Knew Too Much" episode of The Simpsons. That's pretty specific but not worse than 'Lincoln Logs' so welcome to That Counts City!

67. Franklin Pierce again. Fuck it.

68. Ohhhhhhhh my godddddddd, 77 things is SO MANY THINGS. You never really stop and think about how big a number 77 is, huh? If someone was like, "Hey Dan, wanna eat these 77 cheeseburgers?" I'd be like "no, that's obviously an insane number of cheeseburgers!" but with an internet list I'm like "DOPEEDOOO, 77, SURE, I'M STOOPID FARRTTT"

69. Whatever, when in doubt on the internet, just mention 90s shit. PRESIDENT BUTTNICK FROM SALUTE YOUR SHORTS

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1



72. Bill Clinton saying "I feel your pain!"

73. Home stretch!!! C'mon, can definitely think of five more. OH! The guys from My Fellow Americans. SHIT! I should've made that two separate numbers. It's not too late to do that now, right?

74. The other guy from My Fellow Americans

75. Donatello. Was he President at some point? I'll Photoshop something:

The 77 Greatest US Presidents Ever - Image 1

76. Oh! I really should've saved like, George W. Bush for the very end so I could be like BOOM! Punchline! Bush is worse than all these fake things! Then we'd all high five. But that can't happen now. Unless people forgot that I put him on the list already because they read that part like forty-six hours ago and I could just sneak him on here again. Let's see if anyone gives a shit.

77. George W. Bush!!!! HIGH FIVES GUYS!!!!!!! Please RT

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