At 26, I think I finally look like how I imagined I would at 18, when I was 13. A big part of that misconception comes from the glorified portrayal of High School life in movies and TV. We all know that actors playing teens aren't actual High School age, but exactly how much older are they? I set out to find just that.

Collecting data from 60 teen movies (10 from before 1980, 19 from the 80's, 16 from the 90's, and 15 from 2000 to now), and using the release date of the film as the benchmark, I looked at the ages of 139 male and 91 female roles.

The result? The average age of actors portraying high schoolers in movies is between 21-22 years old. The difference between male and female actors is not drastic (male 21.9, female 21.2), nor does the decade in which the film was made factor in a major difference. Here are some other things I found: