Some cars come with TVs, fold-away seats, speaker phones, 10-CD changers, and satellite-guided computer systems. But not one comes with a way to get rid of your empty cups and wrappers. I swear I'll invent the first car tailored for road trips. "The Ford Explorer: College Edition. Now with passenger-side steering, eight cup holders, no seat belts, and driver-side trash bags."

Why are their luggage stores at the airport? I have NEVER been that late.

In some upper class hotels, they leave two bottles of water in every room, and you owe $5 if you drink them. Which is so enticing – considering the bottled water is both warm AND next to the sink.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone in high school, it's to pretend you don't know how to drive while you're in college. My friends tell me that being able to drive gives them freedom. But I can drink when we go to bars and sleep during road trips. Who is the free one now?

When you get directions online, they come with a warning that says "it's a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists." You're laughing now, but what an embarrassing way to die. You drive off a cliff, and at your funeral everyone is talking about how you should have listened to Yahoo.

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