At one point in college, you will decide that you and a friend will take a bus half way across the country over break to visit some friends. And the trip will totally be worth it – who wouldn't want to spend ten hours on a Greyhound in order to go to Ohio and see someone that you'll see in a month anyway?

Here's a tip – NEVER fly back home the morning after the last day of finals. If you think fighting a vicious hangover on one hour of sleep was bad in your dorm room, try doing it at 20,000 feet.

On my last flight, they showed "Where the Heart is" and "Steel Magnolias." Apparently, my ticket was for "chicks that have bad taste in movies" class.

It's funny how a car full of guys will call out their window to a car of girls. What is supposed to happen here? "Wow, we were driving on this highway all day wondering if any guys would yell to us. Some did, but they just didn't holler as loud as you. Since we are so impressed with your yelling ability, can we pull over, switch cars so there are an equal number of guys and girls in each, and drive wherever you're going? Please?"

The great thing about college travel is that it prepares you for anything beyond college. As long as it isn't a car filled with six guys, a dozen McDonalds wrappers, and five empty cases of Natty Ice, who cares if the airline is out of peanuts?

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