When you are in college, quarters become the most valuable currency there is. You need them for laundry, vending machines, and payphones. I bet you could make a pretty good living walking up and down dorm hallways selling three quarters for a dollar.

Some of my friends put things on their parents' credit card. If I could do that, my parents would have been jailed three times by the end of freshman year.

I really don't mind splurging every once in a while. By the time I graduate, I'll owe $50,000 in loans. What's $8 for a pitcher?

Meal plans at my school break down to $13 a meal. You can tell who is a businessman by who is not on meal plan sophomore year. They just get the $13 in cash from their parents, eat a slice of pizza, pocket the difference, and buy and sell chumps who are still on the meal plan.

Why can I spend $40 in a bar in one night, but refrain from ordering extra cheese because I don't want to blow the 50 cents?

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