Some people use lack of sleep as an excuse for being a moron. They crack some dumb joke, and then try to get out of it by saying "Oh man, I must be tired." Guess what? If you woke up a dumbass, odds are its because you went to sleep a dumbass. What do you think happens if you sleep for 27 hours? You wake up and win a nobel prize? No, you wake up a very well rested dumbass.

Before college, I never needed sleep. I went to bed at 12:00 and woke up at 6:00 and was fine with it. Now I go to sleep at 2:00, wake up at 10:00, and I've never been more tired. Because in high school, your day was seven hours long, and in college, it lasts from the second you wake up til the second you go to sleep. Assuming either happens.

My parents tell me that they wake up at 6:00. Sometimes I'm up then, too, but I only see the other side of it. It's a glorious feeling to be walking home and seeing everyone's parents up at the crack of dawn, on their way to work. And even better to see that guy on the crew team do it.

I don't understand the people who go home from a party early to sleep, unless they have to wake up at like 8:00 the next morning. Think of the best ten moments of your life and I bet none of them happened while you were asleep. How many of them happened because of parties? Play the odds, and stay out a little later.

When vacation comes, all you want to do is sleep. And then you wind up staying up until dawn doing nothing in particular, just because you can. You do this for weeks, until you have to go back to class. Which is when you say, "man I could use some sleep."

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