Sorority rush and Fraternity rush are completely different. Sorority rush involves visits to all the houses, and bid lists, and preferences, and complex rules about who you can and can't talk to and for how long. Fraternity rush involves nachos and college football.

Some sororities send clear messages during rush. They say, "we value you for who you are, we don't want to change you, we value your individuality, and we are all unique." And they say it with their 50 sisters all dressed in black pants, black sandals, and white baby tees.

I think its weird when everyone in a sorority dresses the same during rush as a symbol of unity. Unless they're wearing bikinis. Then it's pretty cool.

Even if you'd never go Greek, I don't understand why people don't rush. I mean, if there's one thing I hate, it's getting free stuff while meeting people.

Someone was trying to explain to me why rushing was a bad idea. Now this would be fine if I were thinking of rushing, but I'm RUNNING rush. Think about what you're saying. "I think anyone who buys a Dave Matthews CD is an idiot. By the way, Mr. Matthews, how are you?"

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