Either the drinking age needs to be lowered to 18 or the voting age needs to be upped to 21. I don't care how it happens, but after choosing between the candidates we have, the country needs a good strong drink.

A political candidate is like the junk you fill your dorm room with freshman year. Yeah, it makes sense now, but in four years, you're going to look back and wonder why you bought any of it.

I think that getting people registered to vote is an important thing, but I can't help laughing at MTV and the WWF being the main two groups targeting my age group. No one knows more about what reforms the American government needs than Outkast and The Rock. (Note: Minnesota is the exception to this joke).

I keep seeing all these ads about how every candidate is lying, and that's why you shouldn't vote for them. Hell, being a good liar makes a great candidate. You want a boyscout running your country? "Hello, Saddam? Yes, I just wanted to let you know that we were sending some of our boys over your border to try to destroy your weapons. Hope they're not too much trouble."

Someone said that no one should vote for Bush because he'll run the United States like he ran the Texas Rangers. Apparently, he's planning on having the country finish in third place a few times and then selling us for a 10% profit.

Personally, I'm choosing Gore over Bush. Though when it comes to renting movies, I'm usually the other way around.

Bush thinks that he can get the college vote because he was a fraternity guy. Think of your friend who always stumbles into his room at 5:00 AM, throws up on the floor, sleeps in it, and then asks you why he's so tired the next day. Now imagine everyone calling him Mr. President.

Sometimes we forget that presidents went to college, just like the rest of us. In their first year, they made some mistakes and had to rely on their friends to fix everything up. By the second or third year, they got a hang of things, but halfway through the fourth, they realize that it'll all be over soon and they'll need a job. Sometimes they find one, but sometimes they just decide to stay where they were another few years. And college was tough, too.

When a political candidate comes to my campus, I don't want him to tell me how "hip" or "cool" he is, and how he can "get down with" my problems if I am willing to "rap" with him. I want him to admit he's an out of touch old guy that hasn't been in college in 40 years, but he'll still be willing to bomb the hell out of anyone that messes with us.

I can understand why Nader is running, because if he gets 5% of the vote, his campaign will be funded for 2004. But there are like 8 candidates I've never even heard of. I think these are the same guys that ran and lost for student council four years in a row. Face it man – no matter how many posters you put up, you just won't win. Save us all some masking tape and go home.

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