I know some people whose parents pay for their entire tuition, cars, and meal plan, but won't buy them a computer. I'm not saying parents need to buy their kids everything. I'm just saying that if you're buying your kid a round of golf, you might want to make sure they have a set of clubs.

When your computer breaks, and it will, most college tech support people can not help you. But man, are they're good at Counter Strike.

A friend of mine thinks that on-line gambling is dangerous because credit cards let you go into debt too quickly. Instead, he checks his e-mail once a day and lets people bet the over/under on how many messages he got.

The great thing about computers is that they make mailing real letters worth so much more. Writing someone an actual letter is like asking a college girl out to dinner. Sure, it's easy and an every day thing that your parents did all the time. But because so few other people think of it, you're a hero.

Do you remember having a 2400 speed modem? Do you remember your first 100 megabyte hard drive? Do you remember the time you spent fondly reminiscing with your friends about how small and slow your computers used to be? God, I hope not.

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