Over 500,000 of your votes were cast, and the results are in. Here are the 25 best sitcom sidekicks in TV history:

25. Frank Barone - "Everybody Loves Raymond"

A retired bookkeeper and husband of Marie, Frank is the bullheaded, opinionated, hypermasculine father Ray--and all others involved--never wanted, but put up with anyway. Whether it's reading the newspaper, watching the game, bickering with his wife, or pointing out flaws in others, Frank does it without apology and, most likely, with his pants unbuttoned.

24. Stevie Kenarban - "Malcolm in the Middle"

One of the first of his classmates to welcome Malcolm to life as a "Krelboyne," Stevie is your normal, run-of-the-mill wheelchair bound, asthma-riddled teen with the intellect of a genius. There aren't many people his age who can outsmart Malcolm or outmuscle Reese, but somehow Stevie can do both--all in the time it would take him to mutter a sentence, too.

23. Abed Nadir - "Community"

Gaza City bred and Greendale Community College read, Abed is an aspiring movie director with an insatiable sweet tooth for trivia and flare for the meta. Although he often appears detached and emotionless, he cares deeply for his fellow study group members--especially Troy Barnes, who he has fostered quite the fruitful friendship with. Fruitful in that most of their wacky ideas are spoiled before they have the chance to really enjoy them.

22. Salem Saberhagen - "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"

Dogs may be man's best friend, but, as far as witch families are concerned, warlock-turned-talking cats are where it's at. And with their zany plans to dominate the world, acquire great wealth, and regain their magical powers--how could they not be? If curiosity killed the cat, its sharp-clawed wit is what did in the people watching at home.

21. Gerald Johanssen - "Hey Arnold!

Don't let the Kid 'n Play haircut fool you, this bold befriender of football heads is all business--at least when it comes to urban legends. His penchant for story telling is bested only by his ability to keep the true identity of his loyal source, "Fuzzy Slippers," under wraps. When Gerald isn't busy dispensing tales to the kids of P.S. 118, you can find him playing ball in the lot, belting out sultry tunes, and other assorted "cool kid" things.